17 Music Haiku for piano – Ehsan Saboohi
Saboohi project     Dutch

In collaboration with Iranian composer Ehsan Saboohi, Dutch composer Gerda Geertens, and initiator Foekjen Verhoef, on this special website, we present a preview of one of the 17 delicate ‘ Music Haiku’ composed in 2012 by Saboohi.

We show you one of the 7 pupils of the piano department of cultural foundation SKVR , who are currently working with us on this presentation. Conraad gives his interpretation of the piece : ‘ Sensation of the Fall’. Prior to the piano interpretation of Conraad is a ( bit overexposed,work still in progress) ,moving sound/image / text projection on the wall. What you see, is a specially created electronic version of the same Music Haiku, as well as a new, specially written text Haiku, which Gerda digitally processed into a fascinating, colourful image and sound clip.

Each of these 17 , in each case entirely different Music Haiku’s, are presented in this way to the students participating in, and working on this part of our unique performance. We guide them so, that they fulfil at the same time a key role , as well as a supporting role in the performance.

Below follows a short motivation, the expected results, and the way of approach.

  1. Sharing my enthusiasm for that other contemporary music : the classical contemporary music, with my students.
  2. A playable , mostly approachable piece of this piano album , consisting of 17 miniatures in a performance , especially designed with use of ,for children extra interesting ,multi media approach.
  3. Offering an introduction, and a fresh experience to the children.

  1. A renewed look at what else you can do, reading notes and a little rhythm. And of course if you do not shy away from something you’ve never heard before.
  2. A unique performance that you yourself helped to establish.
  3. An experience that will challenge your horizon, and will continue to serve your future piano career.
  1. Contribution of composer Gerda Geertens.
    She takes part several times in the lessons at the SKVR with samples of her electronic sound/ image/ text/ films .

  2. Occasional encouragement of Iranian composer Ehsan Saboohi, Saboohi was so generous to send me the music, since it was not available here.Occasionally he leaves messages for the children in the following way:

  3. using new resources.
    Saboohi literally can not watch us exercising ,because youtube as well as skype are not available in Iran. So I film the hands of the children during our practice sessions. These little recordings I put with some pictures to portray the title of the haiku ,in a special album in Magisto, a free app that creates small clips. Anyone who wishes, can be a member of that album, I invited all the children to do so for example. Between his busy schedule, Saboohi makes the time to now and then follow the album, give us a ‘like’, or putting an encouragement as : Bravo! The children who participate may see themselves, and see if he has written something for them.

  4. Projections and electronic music by Gerda Geertens.
    Use of interesting guidance material, especially designed to guide children in this new experience of totally different musical information. Music that totally differently handles sound, and often rhythm as well, and usually not given at that age, between 10 and 17 years. The so called atonal music.

  5. A final performance, established by the seven students I asked to work with us.
    The concert will also have a brand-new acoustical composition of Gerda Geertens! That will be the world-premiere of : ‘ A Funny Valentine’, a piece for four saxophones and piano. It will be performed selflessly by Roeland Kapaan, colleague teacher at SKVR,and the Rotterdams Saxofoonkwartet, with pianist Harimada Kusuma. Furthermore, five students from the SKVR harp department, with harp teacher Lenie de Meij, will perform ,among others , another set of 4 american music haiku’s, and there will probably be a few musical surprises.